Webinar Recordings

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Previous Webinars 

December 22nd – Dale Strickler – “Restoring the Skin of the Earth”

December 15th – Rick Clark & Dan DeSutter – “Is Organic No-till Possible?”

December 8th – Dr. Christine Jones – “The Phosphorus Paradox”

December 1st – Adam Daugherty – “High functioning agro-ecological systems”

November 24th – Nick Jorgensen – “Soil Health and Economics”

November 17th – Trace Genomics

November 10th – Dr. James White “Rhizophagy Cycle”

October 27th – John Kempf “Plant Health Pyramid”

July 14th – Pre & Post Harvest Options

July 7th – FAQ’s about Green Cover Seed

June 30th – Smartmix Demonstration

June 23rd – Diversify Bermudagrass 

June 16th – Soil Testing with Dr. Ray Ward

June 9th – Stockpile Grazing Mixes Part 2 

June 2nd – Stockpile Grazing Mixes Part 1 

May 26th – Rescue Your Fescue 

May 19th – Corn Interseed

May 12th – Can Alternative Crops Pay?

May 5th – Warm Season Cover Crops


April 28th – Reduce Your Inputs 


April 21st – Elevate Ag Biological Products

April 14th – Perennial Pastures


April 7th – Grazing Covers with Sheep, Pigs & Cattle

March 31st – Covid-19 Opportunities in Ag



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