Jim Gaffney

Warehouse Lead

When one reaches a older age they look back and as Solomon said all is vanity under the sun.
Jim Gaffney had listed all he had done under the sun. Jim in his early years couldn’t wait to get out and work. Jim was 16 before he could legally get his first job, a dishwasher. Jim worked at Methodist hospital ( the round table) he soon became head cook. Jim agreed that it was because the head cook took leave.
Finally after high school Jim went into an apprenticeship with a horse short, while working there he also hunted coon at night, his best price for a pelt was $55 dollars.
Later Jim worked for his Father who owned a neighborhood bar, Gaffneys bar and grill on 69th and maple.From there he took to the union job of pie trucking. He worked the dock but learned to hustle and drive trucks. Later he owned his own business, a lawn fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide company. Later his longest lasting job was operations supervisor at ABF. Finally, after a lifetime of searching, he found his home at GCS!

What is your best childhood memory? Pheasant hunting with my family.

What’s something interesting about you? I can shoe a horse.

What do you think you’re most known around the office for? Always moving.

What job would you be terrible at? Accounting.