Warm Season Deer Mix

$3.25 per lb.

Our Warm Season Deer Mix is designed for the avid outdoorsmen looking to attract and grow big deer. You can’t shoot a big buck unless it’s on your property and this is the mix to bring them home. Once discovered, this blend is designed to ensure a consistent food source throughout the summer and into the fall. The high protein legumes and palatable grasses will coax even the smartest deer out of hiding. When used as a pre-season attractant deer will establish travel patterns saving you precious scouting time and allow you to inventory the herd. The buck starts here.


Mix Includes:

Cowpeas, Forage Soybeans, Sunn Hemp, BMR Sorghum Sudan, Pearl Millet, Viva Hybrid Turnip, Forage Collards, Sunflower, Watermelon Blend

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