Mycorrhizal Mix

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Our Mycorrizhal Mix is designed to create the perfect environment for mycorrhizal fungi to thrive. Plant roots only have access to about 1-2% of the soil profile. That means 98% of nutrients and minerals within the soil are unavailable to your crop. Thankfully, God designed healthy soils with fungi that can live in the soil profile connecting to plant roots. These mycorrhizal fungi mine nutrients unavailable to the plant root and give them to the plant in return for sugar. This mix is designed with plants that interact with mycorrhizal fungi and promote life in your soil. If you are looking to reduce input costs and make use of what is already in your soil, this mix is for you!


Mix Includes:

Common Vetch, Mung Beans, Spring Lentils, Crimson Clover, Spring Oat, Spring Barley, Pearl Millet, Annual Ryegrass, Grain Sorghum, Flax, Safflower, Phacelia, Sunflower

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