Cool Season Deer Mix

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Our Cool Season Deer Mix is designed for those passionate about big deer. The blend was created after years of observation in the field and proven by our customers. Designed to attract deer in both early and late hunting seasons, this combination of high protein legumes and nutritious forage grasses will keep the deer coming back for more. Collards, Turnip, and Radish hold their forage value well into the winter allowing you to utilize this plot all season long. Whether you’re looking to shoot a trophy deer or simply want to provide quality forage for your herd during the fall, this mix is sure to deliver!


Mix Includes:

Crimson Clover, Berseem Clover, 4010 Spring Pea, Winter Triticale, Cosaque Black Oats, Annual Ryegrass, Forage Collards, Viva Hybrid Turnip, Smart Radish

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