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Termination Timing of application is critical for contact and systemic chemicals alike: Only spray when plants are actively growing. Late morning through mid-afternoon is ideal to allow enough time for systemic chemicals to be absorbed. Utilize a surfactant to help chemicals stick to plant leaf surfaces. Always read the label…

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NDSU Weed Science Research Portal

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This link very nicely displays each crop species commonly grown in ND, then under each species is a number of research charts displaying information that was studied in a very easily navigable format. If your interested in growing alternative crops may help give you some herbicide application ideas.

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Spring Termination Effect on Subsequent Cash Crop

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Simple publication coming out of Alabama which touches on the effects of your spring terminate decisions. Your management decision will need to be flexible from season to season. This article briefly covers soil moisture, planting equipment, soil temperature, C:N management and weed suppression.

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