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Aerial Seeding

By Planting, Soil Health Resource Guide

Aerial seeding into standing crops can be a very fast and convenient method of getting cover crops seeded prior to crop harvest. Aerial seeding requires timely moisture for best results, and therefore works best under abundant rainfall or center pivot irrigation. When broadcasting seed, it is recommended to increase the…

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By Planting, Soil Health Resource Guide

Cover crops seeded into or after fall-harvested crops can be beneficial for the soil, but can present challenges for seeding the covers. Fall mixtures vary greatly depending on your goals, planting method, and timing. Here are some basic guidelines to follow: Planting 4-5 weeks prior to first frost You can…

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Spring Termination Effect on Subsequent Cash Crop

By Grass, Helpful links, Planting, Resources, Termination

Simple publication coming out of Alabama which touches on the effects of your spring terminate decisions. Your management decision will need to be flexible from season to season. This article briefly covers soil moisture, planting equipment, soil temperature, C:N management and weed suppression.

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