Aerial Seeding

By Planting, Soil Health Resource Guide

Aerial seeding into standing crops can be a very fast and convenient method of getting cover crops seeded prior to crop harvest. Aerial seeding requires timely moisture for best results, and therefore works best under abundant rainfall or center pivot irrigation. When broadcasting seed, it is recommended to increase the…

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Hail Damage

By Soil Health, Soil Health Resource Guide

Hail damage is always bad and if the timing does not allow you to replant a cash crop, you should consider planting a cover crop. Covers into hailed crops are a great opportunity to add diversity, suppress weeds, capture and cycle nutrients, and provide supplemental grazing. We can help you…

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Compost Workshop

By Soil Health

We have gathered some valuable information regarding biological stimulants and compost. Included in these PDF’s is instructions for creating your own inoculant concentrate and compost pile. Bioferments, Biostimulants and Biofertilizers – PDF 2nd May 2019 SPICE Compost USA version 1st May 2019 Inoculant to Compost – timeline US version  …

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How To Make Cover Crops Fail!

By Helpful links, Soil Health

by Green Cover Seed  Sales Agronomist, Dale Strickler  Everywhere I go to speak, I am told “that wont work around here” whenever I propose a new practice. It doesn’t matter what idea is presented. It just wont work “around here.”  It can work “somewhere else” because “somewhere else” always has…

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