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Webinar Recordings

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  Previous Webinars  June 2nd – Stockpile Grazing Mixes  May 26th – Rescue Your Fescue  May 19th – Corn Interseed May 12th – Can Alternative Crops Pay? May 5th – Warm Season Cover Crops   April 28th – Reduce Your Inputs    April 21st – Elevate Ag Biological Products April…

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Compost Workshop

By Soil Health

We have gathered some valuable information regarding biological stimulants and compost. Included in these PDF’s is instructions for creating your own inoculant concentrate and compost pile. Bioferments, Biostimulants and Biofertilizers – PDF 2nd May 2019 SPICE Compost USA version 1st May 2019 Inoculant to Compost – timeline US version  …

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Herbicide Test Kit

By Herbicides

Herbicide Tolerance Cover Crop Seed Test If chemicals were pre-applied to a field that is going into prevent plant, there’s no sense in starting the conversation until you understand the potential chemical effect.  NOTE: WE ARE NOT CHEMICAL EXPERTS! Please always consult with your chemical dealers or experts on this topic. Look…

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Prevent Plant Cover Crop Options

By Alternative Crops

Prevent Plant Cover Crop Options It appears as if there will be a record number of acres across multiple states this year that will not get planted this spring and will be eligible for the “Prevent Plant” program. (More information on Prevent Plant dates and details can be found at the end of this…

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